Sell With Us

We can assist you with learning everything you need to know about selling your home.  We are with you step by step throughout the process, available for all of your questions and concerns.  Selling a home can be a stressful experience and our job is to make sure everything is handled with the least amount of stress on you ensuring that your home selling experience is a positive one.  We know how to market and promote your home to attract buyers and get it sold for the highest possible price.

Determining the List Price of Your House

When you are selling your home, determining the exact list price is critical.  We are going to research and create a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of your home.  This is a report that focuses on finding homes similar to yours that are on the market or have already been sold in your area.  Together we will review the CMA determining which homes are the most comparable and be able to guide you in determining the list price of your house.

Marketing Your House

We know the local housing market, which neighborhoods are increasing or decreasing in value.  We know the areas in demand.  We take into account if your house is near a school, a park, shops, restaurants, highway, hiking, downtown, light rail, sports stadiums and market it accordingly.  We are familiar with what features current buyers are seeking which helps us decide the best way to market your home.

Preparing Your Home For Sale

Some homeowners empty a room in the hope of making it look bigger – some buyers will complain that when a room is empty they cannot figure out where their furniture will go.  Some homeowners about to put their house on the market invest in installing new carpet throughout – some buyers will complain that they only like tile.  Before you begin the process of preparing your home, call us and let us guide you through the steps you can take to show your home in the best light.  Is it necessary to paint? Clean or landscape? Remove or add furniture?  De-personalize?  Since we also work with buyers we can share our knowledge of what we know they are looking for.

Light Staging

Empty homes sell faster since they are easily accessible.  However, empty homes tend to look sterile and uninviting.  We address this by adding some light staging.  We add enough items to give a house a pop of color and make it appear warm and welcoming.  Statistic: 61% of buyers are willing to offer 1-20% more on a staged home compared to similar home that is not staged. National Association of REALTORS® 2015 Profile of Home Staging 

Professional Photographs

Photographers spend hundreds of hours learning how to take the best photographs – real estate agents typically do not. We invest in professional photographs so that your house stands out from the competition.  A professional photographer has all of the necessary equipment and programs to create high quality images. Photographers understand how the sizes and colors of objects impact a photograph.  They understand the effects of particular angles and the importance of showing the spaciousness of every room.  A professional photographer is able to create photos that looks spectacular and we want your house to look spectacular!