James Howard June 20, 2016

I purchased my first home with Angela's and Julio's help and I couldn't be happier. Throughout the entire process they were professional, honest, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. It was immediately apparent that they were looking out for my best interest. When visiting homes that I expressed an interest in they took the time to walk the house and point at things that I would have otherwise missed. They took my complete lack of real estate knowledge in stride and answered (honestly and candidly) every dumb question I could come up with. Their honesty and knowledge was like a breath of fresh air and I would not even consider working with anyone else in the future. Additionally both of them were available whenever I reached out to them. Every home I voiced an interest in we were visiting within 24 hours, which proved to be the crux on why I am now in my dream home. Not only do I have my home due to their prompt availability but also because of their ability to communicate with the selling agent which proved to be absolutely critical. Because of their ability to communicate effectively, stay aggressive in the Phoenix market, and act quickly I could not be happier.

Alan E. Garrabrants April 2, 2011

Being quite pressed for time while home hunting, I was very fortunate to secure the services of Angela and Julio. Competent and caring, they understood my urgency and were relentless in finding me the right home, at the right price. I was treated more like family, than as a client. I have family members that will be availing themselves of Angela and Julio's services within the next two years, and I would not hesitate to recommend these two for those that appreciate the peace of mind, that comes from being in good hands.

Tracy Cowardin October 18, 2011

Angela and Julio are a great team. After several transactions together, I wouldn't use anyone else. They are professional and hard working. They gave as much time and attention to leasing one of my rentals as they did selling a home for me. If you decide to hire them, you will not be sorry.

Tasha Goodrich February 16, 2017

I purchased my first home with Angela and Julio’s help. They were looking out for our best interest. They both are truly wonderful realtors extremely professional and knowledgeable. We don’t trust people very easily, but when it came to both of them we trust them 110% with everything. We both were their Deaf clients they took the time to communicate with us to make sure we understood everything. Not many hearing folks would do that for Deaf people. If we ever become buyers again or sellers, we will continue to work with them for as long as we live in Arizona. I can’t imagine having anyone else. We will always consider them as our forever realtors and friends. We highly recommend Angela and Julio. You will be happy. They won’t disappoint you. - Tasha and Lori

Conchetta Loto September 15, 2014

Julio and Angela are such a great team, they are truly Heaven sent.They helped me buy a home when everyone else told me it was impossible and made sure i got the best rates (for a single mom thats very important).They have been such a Blessing to me and my children.so if you a shopping for a home i highly reccomend you give them a call, i am sure you will be very happy with them. God Bless

Jared Beauchamp March 16, 2015

Ok, so we are a two time buyers with Angela and Julio, and hopefully soon first time sellers. We can't stress enough to anyone seeking real estate, to contact Angela and Julio. You want someone who knows the Phoenix area inside and out? You want someone who knows how to traverse the home buying paperwork mine field? You want someone who honestly cares about you, your family and supports you in your journey of buying a new home? Look no further as this duo is the best there is. They are fantastic real estate agents, but honestly you get so much more from 'working' with them. Thank you again Angela and Julio for being by our side every step of the way and for everything you have done for us.

Rozanna Gutierrez September 25, 2014

I noticed Angela and Julio's sign on a house in my neighborhood. The house is off a major street and I thought that is going to be a tough sale. In a month I saw the house was sold and thought WOW they need to be my realtor. I called them up and it was smooth sailing from the moment we met. They handled everything for me in such a professional manner and when offers started coming Angela really went over each offer and explained the pros and cons of each offer. I am so happy I choose them and highly recommend them to everyone you will not be sorry. With such a major decision you really need realtors who know what they are doing and how to get things done if anything comes up. I can not say enough about how professional and smart these two are. When I am ready to sell my next house Angela and Julio will be my realtors. Thanks Angela and Julio for making it happen and making working with you so easy. Thank you, Rozanna Gutierrez

Margaret Schryver November 11, 2011

Angela and Julio are the absolute best! I was trying to buy a house for the first time and had no idea of what was involved. Angela and Julio held my hand throughout the process, explained everything in regular people language and made the experience so much easier. They were very patient with my drama and I can't imagine using anybody else. Thanks Margaret S

Michelle Killebrew November 2, 2014

I first met Angela and Julio in 2006, when I was looking to buy my first home. Immediately, I felt their warmth and professionalism. Both Angela and Julio are committed to their clients and treat them like family. They are not only upfront and honest, but they encourage their clients to think about certain aspects of a home and if the situation is truly the right one for them. Angela and Julio always have the best interests of their clients in mind. They take the time to really get to know their clients and are dedicated to finding the perfect home for each individual client. Angela and Julio take it a step further and help their clients find contractors, who can help make the necessary improvements that may be needed, to truly obtain what the client wants in a home. I have kept in contact with Angela and Julio over the years and because of the amazing individuals, as well as agents Angela and Julio are, it was a no brainer to use them to sell my home in 2009 and again in 2014, when making my most recent home purchase. Angela and Julio are the best choice for any home purchase or sale. They always take care of their clients and truly go above and beyond. I would not use any other agents, these two are truly the best!!

Bobbi-Jo Campbell October 29, 2012

Angela and Julio were the best realtors we ever had. They treated us like family. They helped us buy the house in foreclosure and then helped us sell it a year later for a great profit. Their instinct for when was the right time and what was the right price to sell was crucial and allowed us to relocate our family. It was a life changing experience and we will be forever grateful for their support, guidance and professionalism. Thank you. Todd & Bobbi-Jo Campbell & family

Kate Lynn April 28, 2015

I have bought two houses with Angela and Julio and sold one. The experience was easy because they explained everything in detail. We sold our house and bought our houses at reasonable prices as they are excellent negotiators. They know Phoenix and the surrounding areas very well and have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Amy West July 4, 2013

Angela and Julio helped me sell my single family home when I received a promotion and had to move out of state (in a month!)I had hoped to break even on the sale. They helped me understand the in and outs of selling a home and were knowledgeable, always helpful, and always available if I had a question. They sold my house quickly and I even made a little money. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs to sell their home. They made the selling of my home less stressful, and I appreciate that more then they will ever know. Thanks!

Edlin Ruelas February 1, 2019

Working with Angela and Julio has been such a pleasure. The amount of patience and support they show their clients is beyond what I would expect from a realtor. They have helped with my parents home purchase, sisters, and mine. They have also sold our family home and we have recommended them to everyone we know. I have Nothing but wonderful things to say.